NorthPark Homeowner's Association Governing Documents

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NorthPark Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Description: Commonly refered to as the CC&R's, this governing document defines owner rights, including protective standards/restrictions, and creates a framework for operation and organization of the Association.

NorthPark Articles of Incorporation

Description: Recorded with the Colorado Secretary of State to establish the Association as a Colorado corporation, this governing document defines the basic power and purpose of the Association.

NorthPark Bylaws

Description: A governing document, the Bylaws define the general powers and duties of the Executive Board, as well as procedures for Member/Board meetings, elections, and voting rights of Members.

NorthPark Resolution to Amend Bylaws

Description: Amends the Bylaws to define rules and regulations regarding prohibited vehicles.

NorthPark Design Guidelines

Description: This document provides Members with specific guidelines and standards on Improvements to Property which are required to be approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to construction/installation. This manual may be revised from time to time by the Executive Board.